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31 March 2009 @ 07:46 pm
catalystmoon  is a New Moon rewrite. A whole new Eclipse. No Breaking Dawn.

~ Story ~

It's Bella's birthday party and Edward is taking her to celebrate with his family. But things go awry when an innocent accident leads to an even bigger accident that leads Edward to make one of the biggest decisions in his life. He decides that leaving Bella is the right thing to do, to protect her.

When Edward leaves Bella, her whole world changes. She is sent down a spiral of depression until Jacob comes into her life and brings her back to reality. Their friendship blossoms and after a few months of not hearing from Edward, Bella realizes that she has to forget him. She moves on and finds love with Jacob.

But Bella isn't the only one trying to move on. Edward, who went back to Alaska with the rest of his Cullen family, has done his best to forget Bella and finds his "distraction" in Tanya.

Months go by until one day Bella finds out Edward is back in Forks. His return stirs up those feelings she had tried so hard to push away and threatens her relationship with Jacob while also putting Edward's relationship with Tanya in jeopardy.

Tensions brew as the complications of Edward's return continue to affect everyone in Edward and Bella's lives. And while Alice's vision of Bella becoming a vampire has not changed, she doesn't know how it happens. But what Alice and the rest of the family don't know is that Edward is not the only Cullen who's the key to Bella's fate.
31 March 2009 @ 07:29 pm
~ Rules ~

1. Any questions, concerns and suggestions should be directed to runawaycherie.
2. Please, please stay in character. While some characters from the book in the movie have slight character/personality changes, don't do a complete 180 with your character. It's OK to mix book!Edward with movie!Edward if you like.
3. All posts must be F-Locked.
4. Please tag all your posts by your character. Ex: Bella's Diary.
5. First person posts and comments. Just like m_l.
31 March 2009 @ 07:25 pm

Edward Cullen - cullen_ea  
Carlisle Cullen - doctor_ccullen  
Esme Cullen - esmeanne_cullen  
Rosalie Hale - eternal_rosalie  
Emmett Cullen - cullen_emmett  
Alice Cullen - cullen_alice  
Jasper Hale - hail_jasperhale  


Isabella Swan - inelegantswan  
Charlie Swan - chief_cswan  


Tanya Romanov - golden_tanya  
Irina Romanov - irinawesome  
Katrina/Kate Romanov - katelectric  


Jacob Black - black_jacob  
Billy Black - billyhotwheels  
Leah Clearwater - leah_bites  
Seth Clearwater - seth_darkwater  
Sam Uley - wolfman_sam  
Embry Call - callon_embry  
Jared - jaredsays  
Paul - paulthedouche  


Aro - aro_volterra  
Caius - volturicaius  
Marcus - marcus_volturi  
Jane - volturijane  
Alec - alec_volturi  
Renata - volturi_renata